Art in Translation


Dawn Potter closes her review of Soutine in New Walk, a poetry and arts journal published in the UK, quite sweetly~

It is rare to come across a writer who is able to transmit a painter’s creative visual vitality with such clarity. As a poet who is also a serious musician, I know how difficult it is to borrow one of my languages to describe the other. Mullin has found words for the wordless, without falling back on jargon or imagistic excess. He’s made me long to stand next to Soutine’s paintings:

The lava under wizened

evergreens and the bizarre catalysis
of crazing sky and undulating hills…
describing it, it seems ridiculous.

But every time I saw it, I felt chills.
I couldn’t look away. I let it churn
and work its color and its folding rills

into my consciousness. I let it burn.


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