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The new issue of The Raintown Review includes a review of Soutine by Adam Palumbo. Getting a 200-plus page poem reviewed was a gargantuan task. Thanks to Anna Evans and Quincy Lehr for taking it on, and thanks very much to Adam, who wrote a very positive review. From which pertaining to form:

Mullin’s chosen form is terza rima, the rhyming verse form created by Dante Alighieri and employed by scores of accomplished poets ever since, including Byron, Shelley, Auden, Eliot, and Frost. Mullin expertly brings the form into the twenty-first century, blending the colorful imagery of the painter’s palate with the driving plot of Soutine’s life. His rhymes are often slant and his rhythms staggered, but the attention to form is evident and effective at establishing a framework in which to tell Soutine’s story. The terza rima form creates a linking effect from stanza to stanza, allowing the poet to bring about both a narrative and imagistic movement.

Raintown also nominated Book II, Chapter 4, the stretch on the Art Students League of New York (see previous post), for a Pushcart in 2012.

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